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Our Contract


Donkey Cross Farm ROTTWEILERS



This puppy is the product of the mating between:




Who, to the best of the breeder’s knowledge are healthy, temperamentally sound, and average specimens of the breed as presented in the breed standard.



Date of Birth: . The buyer agrees that this puppy will carry the litter letter ________ and the DCF’s or Donkey Cross Farm kennel name on its AKC paperwork in the naming of the puppy.

I, Kimberly Shaffer, breeder of said animal, to the best of my knowledge guarantee this animal to be in good health and free from disease. This animal’s vaccinations and dewormings are current at the time of sale. A health record for said animal will be given to the buyer at the time of purchase along with AKC registration papers, and microchip information, for said animal. I, as the breeder, require that the buyer continue with a series of puppy vaccinations with a qualified veterinarian upon returning home with said puppy. The seller does not guarantee said puppy against parvovirus as this disease can be contracted at any time after buyer takes physical possession of said puppy. Said puppy should not be taken out in public where other dogs are known to frequent until a FULL series of puppy vaccinations have been administered by a qualified veterinarian. Said puppy is at risk of contracting parvovirus and any other disease common to puppies without being fully vaccinated to protect him/her from these diseases. Said puppy should not visit the homes of any friends or relatives who have knowingly had a puppy that was infected with the parvovirus as this disease can live in the environment for many years.

The buyer accepts full responsibility for this animal upon taking physical possession of said animal. The buyer will have the animal examined within 72 hours of taking physical possession by a licensed veterinarian at the buyer’s expense. If said animal does not pass the health examination due to a congenital defect the buyer shall notify the seller immediately, within the first 72 hours. The buyer will then return the animal with a written report from the attending veterinarian and all of the unaltered AKC paperwork. This is to be done within 7 calendar days of the purchase date. The seller will then replace said animal and if there are no puppies available from the same litter a replacement puppy of same value/quality will be given out of the first available litter or future litter of buyer’s choice. AT NO TIME WILL MONEY BE REFUNDED.

Any puppy purchased as a pet only will receive a limited registration on his/her AKC registration papers meaning this puppy cannot be bred.  All breeder and show quality puppies will receive full registration rights.

Rottweilers are large dogs that are prone to hip dysplasia. It is advised by the breeder to NOT allow rough housing (rough play) with a Rottweiler puppy. Also, the puppy should not be permitted to partake in vigorous play/exercise for extended periods of time or climb a large number of stairs on a regular basis as these activities can weaken the hips and joints leading to health problems. Said puppy is not guaranteed against growing pains as any large breed puppy can be affected by growing pains within the first two years of life. Growing pains, technically known as panosteitis, is caused when a puppy grows too fast. It is not life threatening to the dog. Any dog showing signs of growing pains will outgrow it, but it may take several months to do so.

Any puppy said to have hip or elbow dysplasia must have radiographs taken and sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for full evaluation. The breeder must receive written and pictorial documentation of any joint problems from the attending veterinarian and the OFA before a replacement puppy will be given. Said animal must also be spayed/neutered or humanely euthanized if agreed upon by both the owner and the breeder before a replacement puppy will be given.

This puppy has been started on Eukanuba Large breed puppy food.  At the time of purchase, a sample bag will be provided by the breeder. Said animal must be switched from a high quality large breed puppy food to a high quality large breed adult food between 2 - 4 months of age to help prevent the puppy from growing too quickly therefore leading to growing pains and joint problems as well as placing undue stress on the heart. Any Rottweiler should be allowed to mature slowly to prevent joint and health issues. This contract will be null and void if said animal is found to be overweight or joints have been overtaxed.

If this puppy is purchased with the intention of breeding it is required by the breeder not to breed this animal before the age of two years. At the age of two years the hips must be radiographed by a qualified veterinarian and submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for evaluation to certify said animal clear of hip dysplasia. If at such time the animal does not pass the OFA evaluation with a rating of Fair, Good, or Excellent and is found to have hip dysplasia the breeder will replace said animal with a puppy of same value/quality from the first available litter or future litter of buyers choice after receiving proof that the affected animal has been spayed/neutered. If said animal is bred before the age of 2 years and/or without being OFA certified or fails evaluation due to obesity this contract shall be null and void with buyer forfeiting the guarantee.

The buyer agrees to take good and reasonable care of said animal at his/her own expense. Said animal shall receive proper nutrition and housing and receive adequate attention. At no time should said animal be tied outside by chain, or treated in a way to instill or promote viciousness. It is also important that you socalilize your pet to encourage proper behavior.  Said animal should be enrolled in a basic obedience class, once said puppy has received a full series of puppy vaccinations, with a qualified trainer. No forceful or aggressive training techniques should be permitted; only positive training methods should be used. Temperament problems are the sole responsibility of the puppy buyer and are not covered in this guarantee due to the fact that puppies, such as children, are a product of their environment. The breeder has talked at length with the buyer about proper socialization and discipline. Said puppy should NOT be permitted to partake in rough play as this encourages aggressive behavior.

The buyer further agrees that if at anytime he/she finds him/herself unable to keep said animal or provide proper care of said animal they will contact the breeder, Kimberly Shaffer, and give her first option to buy said animal back on terms acceptable by both party’s or assist in the placement of said animal. Said animal shall NOT be released OR surrendered to shelter, rescue, or pound. Said animal shall NOT be euthanized for ANY reason without first contacting the breeder and it is agreed upon by both parties, unless it is a life threatening situation due to illness or injury and an immediate decision must be made, in which case documentation must be provided to the breeder by the attending veterinarian.

Said animal is covered in this contract against hip dysplasia and congenital defects for the first 2 years of said animal’s life. This agreement is only valid with the original purchaser. All guarantees set forth in this purchase agreement by the breeder are null and void if the mentioned agreements and care for said animal are not met or maintained.

If bought as a show/ working/ breeding dog, there are no guarantees on placement in a show ring, that titles will be won, or that litters will be of a certain size or quality. Pick of puppy is to be taken after breeder's choice.

This contract is legal and may be enforced by legal means, at the buyers expense, with all disputes being settled in the state of Ohio. Care and feeding instructions, along with the puppy's health records were given to the buyer on the day that they took possession. We have both read this contract and agree completely to its terms and conditions to insure the well-being and protection of this puppy.





I agree to the terms laid out for the purchase of a Rottweiler puppy from breeder, Kimberly Shaffer, at the purchase price of $    _____.  A $300 deposit is required for the reservation of a puppy. Once a deposit is made it is a commitment by the buyer to purchase said animal and is therefore NON-REFUNDABLE. The puppy shall be paid in full by (date):              . If the puppy purchase price is not paid in full by specified date, said puppy will be placed up for sale once again with the buyer forfeiting the deposit and rights to said puppy.

Deposit amount:


Balance due:


New Owner Information:




State: Zip:



New Owner Signature:


Breeders Signature:





This puppy/dog is purchased as:

_____ Pet only with limited registration (no breeding rights). Must be spayed/neutered.

               This puppy is not covered by any guarantee as it is strictly sold as a companion animal.    
                Female : Spay must take place before _____________ 24 months old  **Must not be bred **
                Male :  Neuter  must take place before _____________ 24 months old. ** Must not be bred **

**It is highly recommended that you do wait to alter the animal until after 18 months. Do not alter until 12 months minimum. **

_____ Breeder / Pet with full registration

_____ Show/Working Quality

*The buyer hereby releases and holds harmeless from all legal litigation, Kimberly and/or Bruce Shaffer, current insurance company, any and all liabilities that might occur while we /our children/our guests are attending and/or participating in any activities on the property known as 10270 Yale Rd. Deerfield, Ohio 44411*
































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