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About Us


We live in Northeast Ohio, on a ten acre hobby farm.

My husband, Bruce, and I have been married since 2003. We lived in the suburbs until we were married. We had decided that when we bought a house, we would move someplace out into the country. That way I could have my horses on our property and not have to board them. 
We now even have a few miniature donkeys and a rescued mini mule.  


At the time we had 2 dogs, Bailey (the most wonderful yellow lab) and Whitney, a lab/ dalmatian cross that I rescued in Northern Indiana (Along with 3 of her brothers and sisters. That is a story all its' own).

Whitney is still with us today but we lost Bailey when she was almost 15 years old.
It took nearly 2 years (and a lot of research) before I could stand to get another dog. 
Bailey was my heart.

I needed something that was large enough to been seen by the horses, have enough endurance that it could go on trail rides, friendly so that it could go geocaching and hiking with us, had to love to swim, had to be loyal to the family, have a big enough bark that I would feel safe way out in the middle~of~no place when my husband worked late.
Rottweilers were the perfect fit!

I was lucky enough to be introduced to a wonderful Rottweilers breeder who has given me so much support over the years that I consider her one of my best friends!

When I got into Rottweilers, I had no idea what a versatile and wonderful breed they really were!

I enrolled into obedience classes,got CGC titles through AKC, tried a little conformation, (We did well, in fact, but I am not comfortable in dresses.) even did some agility! (Ziva is fearless! She was fantastic in agility, but gets SO excited before a run she stressed me out!)
We finally found the Northeast Ohio Working Dog Association!
We never heard of it but I was willing to give it a go!!!
We love it!  Although we are still new to the organization I think that we have found our niche.
Schutzhund is 3 parts. Obedience, tracking, and protection.
The dogs love it and we are even on track to get titles in the sport. (BH, AD, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3)
We are currently members of RKNA. (Rottweiler Klub of North America).
This is the organization that we have our score books through.  We have also started seiger style showing and have dogs who have received multi v, and multi v-1 ratings, and Int. CH status!

This is where we are starting our line.
Once I fully understand this web site building, I will be adding their pedigrees along with the pedigree of the phenomenal stud that we are going to be using!

Thank you for visiting the site. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kim Shaffer

Donkey Cross Farm
Deerfield, Ohio 44411

(330) 671-5674 call or text
(330) 654-2422 call and leave message

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